Responsible Spending

War Child is registered as a charitable foundation - which means our operations are funded from public donations and grants from non-profit organisations and institutions. This funding structure brings with it a responsibility to use our funds as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

We have a Low-Cost Policy in place to ensure that the percentage of our budget spent in support of conflict-affected children is as high as possible. This policy commits us to ensure that the percentage of our budget spent on administration and fundraising activities is as low as possible - and that gifts-in-kind are utilised to the fullest extent possible.  

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Our Financial Policy states that we do not invest money trusted to us by our donors in any way that presents a potential risk - nor do we keep unnecessarily high reserves. War Child also maintains a continuity reserve to ensure ongoing financial support for our operations. The level of this continuity reserve is determined according to annual risk analysis - and excess funds are spent on our operations.  

Our Financial Policy also directs us to spend our funds responsibly, to have proper internal controls and to be able to justify each expenditure we make.