Our Policies

Integrity and justice are central to all War Child activities - including our duty to uphold the safety and dignity of our staff and the children who take part in our programmes. This commitment is made manifest in our new Integrity Framework - which was implemented across the organisation in the first half of 2020.  

Our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards was made manifest in 2020 through the formation of our new Governance and Organisational Development (GOOD) team. The GOOD team is responsible for all legal and governance issues and implementing all internal staff policies. Its remit encompasses ethics, staff welfare, anti-racism and non-discrimination issues and more.   

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Inclusion and equitable opportunities 

Increased calls for justice across lines of race and gender - embodied by the global Black Lives Matter movement - demand that we develop new policies and practices to instil inclusion across all levels of our organisation. The GOOD team will lead open dialogues on systemic racism and discrimination over the course of 2021 to develop new and revised policies. 

Increased focus on our Internal Communications will contribute towards further positive changes to our culture. ‘Real time’ translation services will increase staff engagement and bring people from different countries closer together. And more focus on staff issues will help to foster internal dialogues - resulting in a richer organisational culture.  

Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy of War Child and the Supervisory enables us to attract and retain qualified expert senior staff members and other highly talented individuals while providing a formal and transparent approach to determine the remuneration package. In addition, the policy serves to fulfil all the requirements of stakeholders and maintain an adequate risk profile - taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of the role.

The low cost principle is also applied to our remuneration policy. Each function has a corresponding salary grid based on experience, educational level and responsibility. We do not provide variable performance related incentives to staff, although salaries are subject to inflation rate compensation. War Child also provides several secondary benefits to staff including holiday entitlements and pension rights.

Remuneration Managing Director

The actual annual salary with holiday allowance for Tjipke Bergsma in 2020 was €118,787. In determining its remuneration policy, War Child adheres to guidelines set up by Goede Doelen Nederland (GDN). This advisory scheme was adopted by members of the GDN interbranch organisation on 7 December 2005. Under the scheme, the position of Director has been scaled into function group J, with a maximum remuneration of €162,397. The Managing Director of War Child therefore earns a salary significantly below this standard.

You can find more on the amount and composition of the remuneration package in the Further Notes to the Annual Accounts.

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