Our Strategy

The number of children affected by violence and armed conflict is at a record high - and the available funds to meet their needs are nowhere near enough. The nature of armed conflict is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a new and acute threat to the wellbeing of children worldwide. All this means that the challenges we face as an organisation are growing in scale and complexity. 

War Child reaches many thousands of children and youth every year - yet there are 160 million children living directly with the effects of violence and armed conflict. We will never reach them all by ourselves - which is why our strategic goal is to become the networked expert organisation for children affected by conflict.  

Networked: This strategy sees us work together with organisations across the world to ensure our work has maximum reach and impact.  

Expert: We continue to develop interventions - backed by evidence and research to meet the highest standards of quality - and share them through a network of partner organisations.  

These two key strategic ambitions will see us reach increasing numbers of children every year with evidence-based programming relevant to their needs - all delivered through a global network of local and international organisations.  

Our overall goal is that increasing numbers of children and youth will access quality programmes - incorporating vital child protection, education and psychosocial support - and as a result enjoy improved psychosocial wellbeing.  

Because no child should be part of war. Ever.