Branch Offices

In 2020, War Child maintained branch offices in:

  • Burundi

  • Colombia

  • Cyprus

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Jordan

  • Lebanon

  • occupied Palestinian territory

  • South Sudan

  • Sri Lanka

  • Uganda

In addition to its programmes in the countries where War Child has its own offices*, War Child coordinated and/or funded activities in Chad, Ethiopia, Greece, Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Sweden, Nigeria, Rwanda and the Netherlands.

*Please note: Our total number of programme countries (16) is higher than the 10 countries listed above as War Child does not have a physical office in every country in which we are present. A programme country is defined as: any country where War Child or a War Child partner implements one or more programmes.

Sometimes, we also support the work of War Child UK in Iraq and Yemen. Due to other priorities, we did not support these programmes financially in 2020.

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