Check-B Magic: “Corona”

In South Sudan, the spread of COVID-19 is more than a public health emergency - it's a cruel blow to a population living through one of the longest civil wars on the planet. Despite recent peacebuilding efforts, violence between armed groups continues to leave more than 1.5 million people displaced inside the country - 600,000 of whom are children. In many communities TV and Internet access is scarce - meaning word of mouth is the most effective means of communication. In this environment, the original message can get twisted leading to fear and misinformation.

War Child is all too aware of these risks and in the early months of the year we launched into action. Our staff and volunteers went far and wide to inform people on how to protect themselves and prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Our message was loud and clear, but we had many miles to cover - winding our way along the Nile River, its tributaries and beyond.

Who could support us? How could we make our words resonate? Cue Afrobeat star Check-B Magic.

With a loyal fan base across Africa, the multiple award-winning artist was the perfect man for the job. In collaboration with War Child, he recorded a jingle with key messages on hygiene and safety.

In the weeks to come, this musical message would not only be broadcast on radio stations across South Sudan - it was also shared through moving sound-systems in refugee camps and rural settlements. All this was part of our ‘Mobile Awareness on Wheels’ initiative - a campaign that would allow us to take our message to the very heart of communities...

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