Risk Management

Our work is conducted in volatile and shifting contexts - and we can’t always control everything around us. That’s why we employ a risk management procedure that helps us both respond quickly and identify risks in advance.

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Research and Development

Whether side-by-side or internet’s apart, our Research and Development (R&D) wing is always a hub of activity - a multi-talented group of sector experts and academics working towards an integrated care and support system across all levels of a

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Latest Research

Conducting research in areas affected by violence and armed conflict is challenging at the best of times. But when the coronavirus pandemic struck, many of our studies and planned data collections ground to a halt.

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A Simple Tool Goes a Long Way

A record 160 million children worldwide are currently living directly with the effects of violence and armed conflict. In this uncertain context, children frequently experience feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and even suicide.

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Child Protection in Colombia’s Urban Rainforests

You would be hard pressed to find a wetter, more remote place on the planet than the northern half of Colombia’s Pacific coast.

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Our Global Programmes for Children

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. Yet, the fallouts are particularly acute in the 16 countries where War Child is present.

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The Middle East

Child participants: 659 Adult participants: 158

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Latin America and South Asia

Child participants: 596 Can’t Wait to Learn Teachers and Facilitators: N/A Partner organisations: 1

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Child participants: 32,216 Adult participants: 16,032

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Check-B Magic: “Corona”

In South Sudan, the spread of COVID-19 is more than a public health emergency - it's a cruel blow to a population living through one of the longest civil wars on the planet.

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